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DIY High Voltage Projects

Solid State Musical Tesla Coil
An easy SSTC with music from an Arduino!
Plasma Gun SRSG Tesla Coil
A Synchronous Rotary Spark Gap Tesla Coil with 1kW of mains input!
tesla coil 12V SG Tesla Coil
A unique battery powered tesla coil running at around 200W
Plasma Gun
Plasma Gun & Plasma Gun v2
A hand held Tesla Coil mounted in an old cordless drill.
Tesla coil Driver Power Pulse Generator
Multi purpose PSU capable of driving Tesla Coils & other high power coils.
ignition coil driver Ignition Coil Driver
A simple homemade high voltage power supply powered by 12V batteries.
voltage multiplier Voltage Multiplier
A simple voltage multiplier circuit, driven by a mini HV power supply.
van de graf generator VDG
A simple Van De Graff Generator with a rubber band belt
Plasma globe Plasma Globe
A variety of methods for making a plasma globe

DIY Cybernetics and Electronics Projects

Simple Induction Heater
Simple circuit that can heat metals red hot using high frequency resonant induction.
Power Pulse Controller Power Pulse Controller
A small and simple pulse generator for driving loads with square wave pulses. Operates on 6-12V and can switch up to 400V..
Sig gen Pulse Control Signal Generator 
A 555 based variable square wave generator with 100% variable duty cycle.
signal generator 'Dead Bug' Signal Generator 
A 555 based super simple variable square wave generator.
Mechanical Puppet Animator
This simple animatronic device makes two hand puppets dance.
Homemade Robot & DIY Robot II
A PC based mobile robotic platform, with simple fuzzy logic AI
Sensor Multiplexer
A PIC 12F675 controlled sensor multiplexer
Tesla Coil Tuner
A simple signal source that can be used to find the resonant frequencies of Tesla Coil components.

DIY Propulsion Projects

HHO Cell
Hydrogen Generator (HHO Cell) 
A compact and highly powerful setup for splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas to be used as fuel
Jet Engine
A miniature valveless pulse jet engine made from plumbing supplies
EHD Thruster
A silent flying device powered by high voltage electricity
MHD Thruster
A thruster that can propel a boat using electric & magnetic fields
Outboard Motor 
An electric motor for powering a small rowing boat.

DIY Research Tools

Kirlian Photo Kirlian Camera
Simple methods for taking photographs of corona around objects exposed to high voltage
Cymatics Display Cymatics Display
A simple device which uses sound waves to form images in fluids or powders
Make a mini freezer, or keep liquids at -50 oC using peltier heat pumps
Thermoelectric dehumidifier, made from old computer parts.
Underwater Camera
Underwater video camera made from a mini security camera.
Vacuum Chamber Vacuum Chamber
A simple low vacuum chamber, perfect for generating plasmas

Check out the DIY Experiments section for more fascinating science projects.