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RMCybernetics is involved in numerous research and development projects covering a range of disciplines. We work as consultants and developers for companies and individuals who are looking to create new technology, products, or to discover new information. When we build prototype devices for you, we can take whatever level of involvement you need. We can fully integrate with you and use our wide ranging knowledge of science and technology to help develop your idea. if you prefer, you can just let us know what you need and leave us to it.


Our media services include technical consultancy for TV, Internet & printed media. From helping to improve the scientific accuracy of science fiction, to providing scientific articles, photographs, high voltage effects, and building props for stage and screen. Our consultancy services can add a great level of interest to your documentary project as we can provide technical demonstrations, interviews, and one off science experiments tailored for TV and media.


Cybernetics involves the study and use of information and control systems. Cybernetics ties all our work together and allows us to integrate many areas of science and technology into our projects.

Latest Projects and Articles

Interconnected PWM

Bipolar PWM with Arduino

Our popular power PWM control circuits use a single transistor to pulse all sorts of loads for power control. The ...
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Litz Wire

Litz Wire

What is Litz Wire? Litz wire is a type of cable formed by combining multiple strands of thin insulated wire ...
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Diffraction through a slit

Lasers and Interference

Diffraction and Interference Diffraction is the phenomenon where waves can be bent around obstacles. When coherent light passes through a ...
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Solar Panels

Electricity from Light

Homemade Solar Panels This shows a simple demonstration of how a homemade solar panel can be used to show the ...
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Thermoelectric Generator

Electricity from Heat

Free Energy from the Environment This is a simple setup that uses the thermoelectric / seebeck effect for converting heat directly ...
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Liquid Metal Alloy

Liquid Metal Experiments

Liquid Metal Experiments Most metals are a tough solid material at room temperature, but some metals can be liquids. The ...
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