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Ferrite Powder

Ferrite powder for magnetic experiments, magnetic shielding, and making magnetic composite materials.




Our Ferrite powder is excellent for all sorts of magnetic experiments and for developing custom transformer cores or ferrofluids.

Our Manganese Zinc ferrite powder is a course black powder with a consistency similar to very fine sand and flows easily when poured. It is ideal for making custom high frequency transformer cores, magnetic shielding, or flux enhancer for induction heating. MnZn ferrite does slightly stick to a magnet.

Our Nickel Zinc ferrite powder is an ultra fine brown powder with a consistency similar to that of fine flour. NiZn ferrite is perfect for making magnetic materials such as ferrofluids or magnetorheological liquids. This ultra fine material is easy to combine with other powders and liquids for making your own unique magnetic materials. NiZn ferrite powder sticks strongly to a magnet and can be quite messy if not contained.

Two types are available and are supplied in a sealed bag;

Manganese Zinc (MnZn) Ferrite Powder – approx 135g per bag

Nickel Zinc (NiZn) Ferrite Powder – approx 105g per bag

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