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Propulsion Systems

Jet EngineHumans have been developing propulsion methods for thousands of years, and there is a constant drive to develop faster, more powerful drive systems. Recent technological developments allow us to propel massive machines with an elaborate selection of thruster types. Some of these burn high energy fuel to generate thrust, whereas other devices use electricity and magnetic fields. Current research is bringing us ever closer to utilising devices which first appeared as science fiction.


Magneto Hydrodynamic ThrustersMagneto Hydrodynamic Thrusters

The means to accelerate a conductive fluid in a chosen direction. The fluid can be anything like seawater, mercury, or plasma

Electro Hydrodynamic ThrustersElectro Hydrodynamic Thrusters

The means to accelerate a dielectric fluid such as air

Jet EngineJet Thrusters

The basics of common Jet thrusters


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