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High Voltage

High Voltage

HV LogoHigh Voltage electricity is a very useful tool for scientific development. In controlled conditions, high gradient fields can be used to develop new technology and discover more about the nature of the universe. Many high voltage phenomenon exist naturally that remain unexplained. Even something as common as lightening is not fully understood or explainable with current knowledge.

Electric Minerals

quartzEnergising minerals in various ways can create electricity. Piezo, Pyro, & Thermo Electricity

Tesla Coils

Tesla GunWhat is a Tesla Coil? How they work, and a Homemade battery powered Tesla Coil

Contact Electrification

Van Der GraafHigh voltage generated by the seperation of different materials

Voltage Multipliers

Voltage MultiplierA simple description of the common voltage multiplyer circuit

DIY Homemade High Voltage Projects