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Power Pulse Modulator – PWM-OCXi v3

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The Power Pulse Modulator OCXi v3 is a compact PWM circuit with high voltage switching capability and advanced features for protection and interfacing with external circuits.

Frequency is adjustable from DC to 1.5MHz and with 0-100% Duty


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DC to 1.5MHz Adjustable Frequency, 0% to 100% PWM Duty, 20A Current, Switching Voltage up to 340V

The Power Pulse Modulator PWM-OCXi v3 is an advanced, high quality, durable, adjustable frequency DC pulse generator (PWM circuit) designed for providing an easy way to adjust power to devices or to pulse them at a wide range of frequencies and pulse times. This version is designed primarily for use in high voltage circuits such as for driving high voltage coils. The frequency is independently adjustable to the pulse width which can be varied smoothly from 0% to 100%. It is designed to fit a wide range of applications and be fully adjustable so that it can be used for many different tasks. These units can be linked together and used to complete a variety of tasks, or linked to our other circuits in all sorts of ways. The modules can also be linked together in a master/slave setup, and the pulse width (duty cycle) can be adjusted by an external analogue source. The circuit is made in England on a high quality PCB with quadruple layer design, plated thru holes (PTH), and 2oz copper (twice as much as standard circuits) per layer for durability and performance. Control knobs covers and enclosures available separately.

This model can very rapidly switch between on/off states compared to other pulse circuits. This high dI/dt allows for very high voltage gain in inductors, or autotransformers such as ignition coils, therefore giving higher voltage output for a lower duty or power input. You can switch mains powered devices by adding a Solid State Relay to the output.

Please note: Printed manuals are not supplied. Please download or print the manual using the link below.


Features and Specifications

  • Wide supply voltage range(12V – 30V)
  • Secondary voltage range from 0V to 340V (from external supply)
  • Max output current 20A * continuous, 120A peak
  • Frequency range 0.01 Hz to 1.5MHz **
  • Pulse width adjustable between 0% and 100% or set to a specific pulse time
  • Active voltage protection and adjustable current limit.
  • Thermal Protection
  • I/O for microcontroller interfacing
  • Compact design
  • High quality quad layer PTH, 2OZ Copper PCB
  • Fully assembled and tested before shipping
  • See manual below for full details and specifications

Need a different spec? Customisation available

Example Applications

  • Flyback Transformer Driver
  • Ignition Coil Driver
  • DC-DC converters, inverters and SMPS
  • Solenoid Pulser
  • SSTC Tesla Coil
  • Induction Heating
  • Motor Speed Control
  • Resonant Energy or Magnetic Pulse Experiments
  • And more…

 For full details and specifications – Download the PWM-OCXi v3 Instruction Manual

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  1. Ben

    Amazing little board! Hooked it up to a cheap Renault ignition coil, not expecting huge results but can get monster hot arcs that have made enough noise for my neighbour to ask what it was! Super simple to use and useful to drive just about any transformer I have. Well worth it.

    Some great resources on this site too. Next stop is a singing arc with the help of an Arduino!

  2. Jim

    Beautifully made bit of kit. This has become my most used bit of test gear on my bench

  3. Grumage

    The OCXiv2 is the best yet from RMC. I have killed so many other PWMs but this one "Fights back"!!
    It is just excellent as it tells you there is something wrong before any damage can occur.
    I would certainly recommend this driver to anyone who is interested in Tesla related experiments.

    Well done, RM Cybernetics!!

  4. stefan

    Yes my flyes are also back doing a great job collecting my drive.

  5. Jerry

    Does a great job driving my collection of flybacks!