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Cymatics Wave Resonator

Create amazing Chladni figures with The Cymatics Wave Resonator! This is a vibrating platform used for generating patterns in sands or other powders.
Adjustable Frequency
Interchangeable Plates
Save up to 10 preset frequencies to replay in sequence for a fascinating display of the physics of standing waves in action.




The Cymatics Wave Resonator is a fantastic device for demonstrating the principles of vibration, interference and standing waves. Using its digital frequency generator you can create stunning animated patterns that appear to magically form in sand or other powders. Check out the video below for a demonstration of how this Cymatics device works.

Our Cymatics device works by applying vertical vibrations to the centre of a flexible surface. This sets up waves or ripples that propagate outwards and then reflect back from the edges and then interfere with the outgoing waves. At certain frequencies the interference will create standing waves which allow for the formation of Chladni patterns. This fascinating phenomenon also occurs in many musical instruments but is typically invisible. By using our Cymatics system, you can now bring that hidden world to life!

* We have the accessories, such as the sand, AC/DC adapter (15V 2A), and Shaker Jar ( used for containing the sand)  for sale, please check our related products. Please note, the AC/DC adapter requires a 3 pin(C5) cable and mains plug (Clover Lead). We do not supply these plugs due to the many different plug types in use throughout the world.


Features & Specifications

  • Digital sine wave generator
  • Store up to 10 patterns for playback
  • Up to 40W vibrating power
  • Interchangeable vibration surfaces
  • Links to external audio sources such as mobile phones
  • Create physical patterns from sounds and music

This unit is supplied with a clear square vibration plate and black paper cover. If you would like other colours or custom shapes, please let us know. 

Printed instruction manual is not provided. Please download the manual / datasheet from the link below.

Click here for the datasheet.


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