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Tesla Coil Experiments

A homemade Tesla Coil is great for special effects style science experiments. The high voltage, high frequency output can cause strange effects in all sorts of materials. The Tesla Coil used in these experiments has a pipe inside the centre of the secondary coil. This pipe allows gas to be emitted from a small hole in the topload sphere.

Electricity and Fire

Fire is a type of plasma, as the constant exchange of electronic bonds between the molecules and the release of energy allows electrons to move around under the influence of an external electric field. Fire is considered as a ‘cold plasma’ because it temperature is relatively low when compared to electrically generated plasmas. A small flame from butane gas emitted form the top of the Tesla Coil acts as a discharge terminal or breakout point. The hot gasses rising from the flame also provide a further conductive channel.

Fire and High VoltageFire and High VoltageThese images show how the electrical hot plasma from the Tesla Coil blends with the cold plasma of the flame. Click on the photos for a full view.

The rightmost image shows the electrical discharge through a hot jet flame like that of a bunsen burner. This flame causes the arc to stay mostly in one filament until the turbulence becomes too great.

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Noble Gases

The Noble gasses (often referred to as inert gas) are often used to make plasma because they will not react with the electrodes or surrounding material. Different gas types have different ionization voltages, and will also emit different colours of light.

Neon Gas and Tesla Coil

Neon Gas and Tesla CoilNeon Gas and Tesla CoilThese photos show what happens when pure Neon gas is emitted from the top sphere of a small Tesla Coil. Neon has a much lower ionization voltage than air, so the gas will glow very brightly creating a plasma column to allow the arcs to be much larger. The picture on the right looks similar to the ‘death ray’ devices used in the movie War of the Worlds! You can see when tuned correctly the individual filaments tend to form multiple helices, allowing the plasma column to rise quite high.
See more photos of plasma on the plasma page

We can see from these images that the Neon only helps to increase the length of the plasma filaments when it is still relatively concentrated. The neon is not ‘burnt’ or consumed, but it quickly mixes with the air, and its effects on the plasma become negligible.

The top left video clip shows a TC with a perspex hemisphere loosely covering the top. When Neon gas is emitted from the top sphere it is forced to spread over the surface before escaping. You can see how the neon layer glows red. The next clip of a spontaneous single filament shows the TC in normal operation.

The erratic flowing arcs spontaneously disappear then return as one single extra long arc. The last two clips show how the gas affects the TC when it is emitted directly from the top of the metal sphere


  1. Sper conducting electromagnets are used in MRI machines, but it is not the resistance that prevents such high frequency oscillations, it is the impedance caused by the inductive reactance. There are also quantum effects to be considered as the wavelength of light is so small that it can be the size of individual atoms.

  2. Could a coil made from superconducting material do it? Can coils conceivably be made from superconducting materials, or would that not work because of the lack of resistance or for some other reason? (btw, I meant 5*10^14 Hz on that last post; there was a typo.)

  3. It would not be possible. The frequency of light is much much higher than that (405 THz to 790 THz for visible light).

    There are a number of reasons why it cant go do high in a coil. One being that the impedance of a coil increases with frequency, so at such high frequency it would not be possible to get current to flow.

  4. Is there any limit to the resonance frequency of a tesla coil? Would anything special happen if a TC’s frequency was the same as that of light (about 5*10^4 Hz)?

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  6. Check out the DIY Devices page for instructions on building these things.

  7. Is there a book on how to do this stuff at home?

    (I just happened to bump into this site by accident and was greatly intrigued.)

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  12. can you use this pulse generator in a electrolictic tank of water to see the effects. i expect that it will help water molecule dissociation creating hho far more efficiently if its tuned to the correct resonace of the water molecule. please experiment with this. the distance between anod and catod plates inside the tank shoud not be greater then 1.5 mm.

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  14. Can you tell me some sort of guide to making a tesla coil?

  15. Some really fascinating photos. More Please!

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