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The following pages are designed to help science and technology enthusiasts find ways of creating fun educational projects without incurring large expenses. The section on DIY Devices gives details of many science projects and equipment which can be made at home. The Experiments section gives details of interesting science experiments and demonstartions. The included projects range from begginer to advanced level. Projects and experiments may be dangerous and should be supervised by a competent adult.

DIY Science and Technology Projects and Experiments

DIY ProjectsDIY Devices

How To make a..
Jet Engine 
Tesla Coil
Plasma Globe
and more....

DIY ExperimentsSimple Experiments

Magnetic Liquids
High Voltage
Liquid Metal Alloys
Laser Optics


Popular Projects

Plasma Gun
Hydrogen Generator 
A compact, powerful setup for splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas to be used as fuel
Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil
A unique battery powered Tesla coil running at around 250W.
EHD Thruster
A silent flying device powered by high voltage electricity
Kirlian Photo
Kirlian Camera
Simple methods for taking photographs of corona around objects exposed to high voltage.
Plasma Gun
Plasma Gun
A hand held Tesla Coil mounted in an old cordless drill.
Cymatics Display
Cymatics Display
A simple device which uses sound waves to form images in fluids or powders.