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Custom Induction Heater Coil & Testing

Custom induction heater work coil winding & testing service. Please contact us with your requirements. Price will depend on your specifications.



Custom built induction heater coils transformers and other windings available. We can make custom work coils from copper pipe for water cooling, or using litz wire for lower powered systems. 

You can send us a sample of your material and we can perform simple tests or provide FLIR thermal imaging before finalising the design.

This item is for custom versions of our induction heater coil assemblies built to your specification. Prices start at £295 for the development and testing of a custom work coil with your workpiece.

Please only purchase this product after speaking with one of our staff. You can call, email, or use the live chat feature on the website when we are online.

Please let us know the following information:

The material your workpiece (sample to be heated) is made from
The mass and dimensions of your workpiece
Target temperature, and time to reach that temperature
Duty cycle (roughly how long it will be in use, i.e. continuous use or, intermittent)

The final dimensions and number of turns will be determined by us the parameters given above, but if you have specific size limitations such as length and inner diameter, please let us know.

Please also let us know any special requirements such as custom mounts, thermal insulation and so on.

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