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15kV Transformer-EE

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Approximate size: 20mm(L) x 17mm(W) x 16mm(H)

Warning: the transformer has to be insulated with an epoxy resin or wax, or it will be damaged because of loading work in air!

This transformer has two windings, one is primary winding, another one is feedback winding. Secondary output is high voltage.

When this transformer secondary high voltage output disconnects to high voltage rectifier diodes and capacitors, the output is high voltage high frequency, it will breakdown in the air as a pale purple arc wihout crackling, but the temperature is very high, which can ignite a piece of paper or plastic easily, even very thin wire (which is like the thin wire in oxygen comburstion scene but not quite intense)

If composing a voltage doubler by connecting several high voltage capacitors and high voltage rectifier circuit to  the output terminal, it can produce high voltage direct current, which can produce negative ion generator.

Note: This transformer also can be applied in less than 12V voltage, but increasing the feedback base to 150Ω~1.5KΩ is required. The resistance should be adjusted in descending from bigger to smaller, but not too small, or the transistor or transformer will be burned, nor too big which can affect the output or lead the transistor over heating.

The transformer is designed to be 10kV maximum output, the maximum limit output is 15kV which is 1.5cm arc, a higher voltage output will damage the transformer. for a reliable continuous long-term operation, please properly seal the transformer with insulate wax or epoxy resin. Prohibit working load without sealing!

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