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Tesla Coil Secondary

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This great little Tesla secondary coil and aluminium toroid is fantastic for small Tesla Coil projects. If you want a real professional looking coil, then this is just what you need. The coil is precisely wound and terminated so that the top can be removed easily. The coil is unvarnished and will need to be varnished before use at high voltage. The topload is made from a sturdy spun aluminium toroid mounted using an M6 bolt through a high voltage standoff.


Electro-Magnetic Characteristics

The coil alone has a resonant frequency of around 445kHz, while the combined coil and toroid have a resonant frequency of around 420kHz. It has an inductance of 11mH and a resistance of 60 ohms. There are approximately 815 turns of 0.25mm enamel coated copper wire making up the coil.



The coil part is 250mm high, and 750mm wide. The total height is 310mm. The toroid measures 107mm wide and 30mm thick. The toroid is hollow and can be split in two by unscrewing the fixing nut.

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  1. Carl

    Really smart looking coil. Just make sure you give it a good few coats of varnish before handling it cus the windings are a bit delicate.