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Impedance Matching Transformer Kit


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This great little kit is for making high frequency transformers such those used for impedance matching in Induction heaters or power inverters. This is the ideal partner for our CRO-SM1 Power Resonator as it can also be used so that you can drive induction coils which do not have a center tap.

The kit consists of a pair of large MnZn ferrite C cores onto which you can wind the Litz Wire provided. The core halves can either be glued together or fixed using the zip ties provided. If you need longer winding wire, you can order additional Litz Wire which will be suppled together as one length up to 5m.

The image above shows a typical example of a completed kit wound with a center tapped primary and a single secondary winding.

Kit Contents:
Ferrous Core: 60mm x 60mm x 15mm
​Litz Wire: 1 meter of 20A litz wire + 1 meter of 6A litz wire
Zip Ties: 5 x Zip Ties for frame and windings
Terminal Blocks: 6 way

Click here to download the TRF-IM-KIT manual

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