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Graphite Crucible Melting Pots


Small graphite crucibles for induction heating and melting metals.

Up to 1650°C, Various sizes available



Graphite crucibles are high temperature resistant containers used for melting or heating small items. Graphite is electrically conductive and therefore will be directly heated by our induction heater systems or can also be used in a furnace. If you wish to only heat metal parts inside the container, we also have non-conductive Corundum Crucibles available.

We have 4 different sizes of the graphite crucible Melting pots, which can used for laboratory melting, building induction heating system, melting gold, silver or other metal for jewellery making or crafts. 


Volume(ml) Outer Diameter(mm) Inner Diameter(mm) Height(mm)
7.59 20 14.7 50
38.87 40 30 60
79.12 52.7 34.85 88

The Graphite Crucible Melting Pots are made of high purity graphite with 1800℃ firing temperature. Maximum temperature is 1650℃



Volume/Density(g/cm3): ≧1.9-1.95
Apparent porosity(%): ≦15
Cold crushing strength(Mpa): ≧50
Compressive strength at room temperature(Mpa): ≧25
High temperature compressive strength(Mpa):≧28
Thermal expansion coefficient(Mpa): <0.5
The highest temperature: 1650°C

It is ideal for our induction heating system. They can be used with our Induction Coil Assembly for Induction Heater CRO-1 and Induction Heater Circuit ZVS Power Resonator Power Transformer Driver 12-30V

We also have Crucible Tongs for sale. We also have Corundum Crucible Melting Pot for sale too.

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