Corundum Crucible Melting Pot




High Quality!

We have 3 different sizes of the corundum crucible Melting pots, which can used for laboratory melting, or building induction heating system




Al2O3 (Aluminium Oxide) > 99%

Heat-resistance Temperature: 1600 ℃

Shape: Cylindrical




Volume(ml) Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Wall thickness(mm)
15 23 58 1.9
60 39 66 2.5
205 60 100 3.0

The Crucible is made of Aluminium Oxide with 1800℃ firing temperature. Maximum temperature is 1600℃

Please notice: it contains 99% of Aluminium Oxide (AL2O3), do not use it with materials which may react with it. 

It is ideal for our induction heating system. They can be used with our Induction Coil Assembly for Induction Heater CRO-1 and Inducton Heater Circuit ZVS Power Resonator Power Transformer Driver 12-30V


Please visit our shop, we also have Crucible Tongs for sale.

Additional information

Weight 0.20000000 kg
Dimensions 23.00000000 × 58.00000000 × 1.90000000 mm

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