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Induction Heater Water Cooling Kit


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This closed loop water cooling kit is ideal for cooling our CT-400 induction heater coils or any other coils made from 4 to 10mm copper tubing. The kit contains a selection of adapters and hose couplings so that it can be hooked up to a variety of projects and can even be used for water cooling computers and high power transistors. Check out or Power Resonator CRO-SM1 for an induction heater circuit

Water cooling our induction heater coils greatly increases the power level they can be used at and also improves their efficiency. If you wish to cool transistors or other devices, you can mount them on one of our water cooling blocks which can then be included in the water cooling loop.

All the items in the kit are also available separately on our website.

Included in the kit:

  • 2 x 4mm O.D compression fitting to G1/4 male thread
  • 2 x  G1/4 Female to 8mm barb
  • 2 meters of 8mm I.D silicone tube
  • 120mm Fan with filtered grill  and mounting screws
  • 120mm Radiator
  • 12v DC ultra quiet water pump with built in reservoir
  • PTFE tape


Download the IHWK-4M assembly instructions for full details

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