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High Power HV PWM
PWM Circuit

DC to 1.5MHz, self protecting, adjustable current

High Voltage Pulse Capacitor
High Voltage Pulse Capacitor for Tesla Coils

20kV, 10nF
High current pulse capability. Low ESR, Low ESL. Ideal for Tesla type projects.
Low cost international shipping!

Ignition Coil Driver
Ignition Coil Driver Circuit

Adjustable frequency PWM for ignition coils, fuel injectors and more!

High Voltage Coil
High Voltage Coil

12V input, 20kV output

Aluminium Toroid
Small Toroid For Tesla Coils

Quality topload high voltage terminal
Low cost international shipping!

Compact PWM Power Controller
Pulse Width Modulation Circuit HHO

Tiny but Mighty, 80A peak current!
Motor speed control, HHO, electrolysis, LED driver
Low cost international shipping!

Signal Delay Control
Signal Phase Adjustment Circuit

Three Channel, adjustable time delay for pulsed signals.

Transistors and Components

A range of powerful transistors ideal for hobby projects

PWM Circuits, Custom Electronics, and DIY Projects

At RM Cybernetics, we specialize in the development of custom electronic devices for scientific research, media projects, and product development. We also produce a range of our own electronic modules that are designed to support R&D projects by providing versatile and low cost alternatives to typical electronics lab devices. Our custom electronics design service also includes creating firmware and integrating control into existing devices. Our new Programmable Device Interface provides an excellent platform for producing your own custom electronic control projects without too much need for electronics experience.

RMCybernetics also supplies information and products for scientific education and research. The range of products includes all sorts of science gadgets such as high voltage coils and electronic power pulse generators (PWM circuits). There is also a wide selection of scientific material for education and general interest. We occasionally undertake our own research projects, with an aim to discover new information about the things surrounding us every day. We hope that the information provided on this site will help to inspire those people, like us, who always have questions and the will to seek the answers.

DIY Induction Heater Drive Circuit

Induction Heater CircuitIntroducing the new Power Resonator CRO-1. This great little circuit is designed for use in DIY Induction Heater projects and Solid State tesla Coils. It works by automatically driving reactive loads at resonance.

With this circuit it is really simple to get a DIY Induction heater or SSTC project up and running. Check the link below for more details.


Compact Pulse Modulators

Available Now!
The new OCX/OCXi v2 is here! We've been working hard on this one to add significant upgrades and enhancemets based on your feedback. The new PWM circuits include extra features such as adjustable current limit and active transient protection to make them ultra robust even in the most demanding situations.
They are also smaller, more efficient, more powerful, and more versatile! Available now, check out out our Cyber Circuits.

New DIY Project! - Solid State Musical Tesla Coil!

This simple to build SSTC (Solid State Tesla Coil) can be powered from a low voltage DC supply and can even play music with the help of an Arduino! In the photo shown above you can see it spuning a type of corona motor to give that cool effect. Check out the article for instructions on how to make one.

Check out the new DIY Solid State Tesla Coil



RMCybernetics is involved in numerous research and development projects covering a range of disciplines. We work as consultants and developers for companies and individuals who are looking to create new technology, products, or to discover new information. When we build prototype devices for you, we can take whatever level of involvement you need. We can fully integrate with you and use our wide ranging knowledge of science and technology to help develop your idea. if you prefer, you can just let us know what you need and leave us to it.


Our media services include technical consultancy for TV, Internet & printed media. From helping to improve the scientific accuracy of science fiction, to providing scientific articles, photographs, high voltage effects, and building props for stage and screen. Our consultancy services can add a great level of interest to your documentary project as we can provide technical demonstrations, interviews, and one off science experiments tailored for TV and  media.


Cybernetics involves the study and use of information and control systems. Cybernetics ties all our work together and allows us to integrate many areas of science and technology into our projects.