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Litz Wire Soldering & Termination


Litz wire soldering & termination service.

Litz wire is very difficult to solder, so we can pre-solder your litz cables for you for easy connection in your projects.



This is for Litz Wire Soldering & Termination service. Select an option above for either just soldering, or also adding a crimp terminal.

Pricing is for a single cable. Both ends will be terminated in the same way unless you let us know otherwise.

Please purchase the total length of litz wire needed and write a note in the order comments on what length you would like each piece cut before soldering.

Solder Only: We will coat the ends of the cable with lead-free solder and add some heat shrink for neatness.

Ring Terminal: Soldered as above and then a ring terminal is crimped on and heat shrink tube used to cover the joint. If you require a specific size ring terminal, please let us know in the order notes at the checkout. Otherwise we will choose an appropriate size terminal for the cable ordered.

We can also add additional fiberglass sleeve, alternative connectors and wind custom litz wire coils. Please contact us with your requirements if you would like these services.

Litz wire can be very difficult to solder by hand. This service pre-solders the ends of litz wire for a neat and easy to use connection. Please note that for the finer stranded wires the ends may swell slightly and be larger in diameter than the un soldered cable. (shown in the photos). When litz wire is soldered, part of the end of the cable (up to a few cm) will become rigid after the soldered part due to melting and fusing of the enamel coatings. We will cover this part in heat shrink tube. Please consider this if you need a precise cable length.


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