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Litz Wire Soldering


Litz wire soldering service.

Litz wire is very difficult to solder, so we can pre-solder your litz cables for you for easy connection in your projects.



This is for Litz Wire Soldering service. We charge £7.50 per end for a single cable, or as low as £4.50 per end for 10 cables. 

Price is per end. If you need both ends of one wire to be done, please choose quantity 2. Please purchase the total length of litz wire needed and write a note in the order comments on what length you would like each piece cut before soldering.

Litz wire can be very difficult to solder by hand. This service pre solders the ends of litz wire for a neat and easy to use connection. Please note that for the finer stranded wires the ends may swell slightly and be larger in diameter than the un soldered cable. (shown in the photo)

Please note, this is only for soldered ends. Please contact us if you need connectors adding to the ends.

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