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Helical Coils


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Precision wound coils ideal for mini Tesla Coils or other electromagnetism projects. These single layer coils have been wound with great care for a high quality finish, with no gaps or kinks in the windings.

Before using them at very high voltages, we recommend giving them a few coats of varnish. Each end is terminated with the wire wound into a small hole. This can be used directly for connection, or unwound a little for easy soldering to a wire.

Notes: You will need to remove the enamel coating (using a knife or sandpaper) from the wire ends where you wish to make an electrical connection. Adding a topload to the coil when used as a Tesla Coil, will lower the resonant frequency by increasing the capacitance.

You can get these coils complete with an aluminum toroid mounted on top here.

New Improved Design! All these models are 240 mm long, with an inner diameter of 70 mm, there is about 815 turns of wiring.

Inductance Resonant Frequency Capacitance Resistance Wire Diameter No. Turns (approx) Outer Diameter
11 mH 445 kHz 6pF 60 ohms 0.25 mm 815 75 mm

 We can also wind custom coils in various shapes and sizes if required. Contact us with your requirements.

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