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Induction Heater Coil

These induction heater coils are a combined capacitor coil combination wound with copper pipe for simple water cooling. Ideal for induction heating of small parts. Various sizes available. We also offer custom coil design services.



A compact coil assembly for use in induction heating or other resonant applications. It is designed for use with our Induction Heater Circuit. The coil is made from four turns of copper pipe which allows it to be water cooled using our water cooling accessories such as small pump, tubing, and radiators.

The parallel capacitance is made from 8x 330nF capacitors which are rated for 200V. This gives a fairly high resonant frequency which is great for heating small objects. The new PCB assembly uses double layer 2oz copper with connections split into multiple channels to improve current carrying capacity of high frequency currents. With the PCB soldered direct to the copper coil, water cooling will draw heat from all parts of the circuit. Note that when used at high power it should be water cooled. 

Available Coil Sizes:

Inner Diameter Height Tube Length Resonant Frequency No. Turns No Load Current (15V) Inductance
41 mm 23 mm 750 mm 107 kHz 4 3.6A 1.9 uH
25 mm 45 mm 950 mm 97 kHz 8 4.5A 2.1 uH

We can also supply custom induction heater coils for your specific applications such as higher frequency, different sizes and shapes.

The three way terminal block allows it to be used with our Power Resonator as a centre tapped coil, or the two outer connections can be used on their own.

If you prefer to build your own coil, you can use our  Induction Coil KIT or buy  Copper Tube, 30A cable, and 1kV Capacitors or 400V Polypropylene Capacitors

$200.25 Bundle Price for Selected items

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