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HV Spark Coil

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High Voltage coil with 12V input and >20kV output. Perfect for driving with our Power Pulse Modulators for a simple adjustable frequency HV PSU


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These compact Ignition Coils can step up from 12V to over 20kV. The auto ignition coil is a type of autotransformer designed to be driven with current pulses.

You can drive these coils using an oscillating relay, or a transistor based oscillator like our Adjustable Pulse Generator. The connections to the primary coil can be made using mini spade connectors

This makes them very simple to use with high voltage projects such as liftersJacobs ladders, or plasma globes.

These coils have a efficient laminated iron cores so they can be driven with either low or high frequency pulses. At low frequency the coil can produce long sparks to grounded objects, and at high frequency it will produce hot arcs that can be drawn out like in a Jacobs ladder. Check out the DIY Projects section for other High Voltage projects.

Dimensions: 185mm x 45mm x 27mm

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  1. Gary

    I’m driving this with an 18VDC/2A PSU hooked up to the OCXI-1. Great fun even at low power !
    I’m getting 10-12kv sparks and loving the smell of ozone ;+}
    Cheap and easy way to get into high voltage.

  2. ukram

    Works great. It is important to let the voltage across input pins to raise to about 300 volts after transistor is switched off, so 400 v transistor is needed and a 400 V or lower transient protector. I used it with 1 ms pulse at 14V and 66 Hz rate (13 ms off period). Got about 2 cm arcs. Average current about 0.2A. The coil did not heat up at all.