Motion Sensor PIR Module


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This tiny little PIR module will detect the motion of any warm body up to 7m away. The pyroelectric sensor will give an output voltage signal when motion is detected. Two onboard potentiometers allow you to adjust the sensitivity of it and also adjust the length of the output pulse when motion is detected. You can also select a triggering option to be repeatable, or non-repeatable using the jumper pins on the circuit. It also includes space for an optional CDS photosensor (not supplied) for allowing for light detection.



Input Voltage(DC)4.5 – 20V
Output Signal3.3V TTL
Detection distance(metres)3 – 7
Detection Angle<110°
Delay Time5 – 200s
Blockade Time2.5s
Trigger MethodL: unrepeatable trigger, H: repeatable trigger(default)
Working Temperature-20 to 80°C
Dimensions(cm)3.2 x 2.4 x 2.4

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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions3.20000000 × 2.40000000 × 2.40000000 mm


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