Step Down DC-DC Power Module 2A


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A great little DC-DC step down voltage converter with adjustable output. This unit is ideal for powering devices that require a different voltage to other parts of your circuit. The output is fully adjustable between 1.5 and 35V from an input as high as 40V. If you need to increase the voltage, check out our step up DC-DC convertor


Input Voltage 3.2 – 40V
Output Voltage(adjustable, Input must be 1.5V higher than Output 1.5 – 35V
Output Current(If Output power >15W, external heatsink may be required) 2A continuous, 3A peak
Conversion efficiency Up to 92&percnt;
Minimum Dropdown Voltage 1.5V
Dynamic response speed 5&percnt; 200µS
Operating Temperature -40 – 85°C
Load regulation ±0.5&percnt;
Size(mm) 50 x 23

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