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750W Adjustable DC Power Supply SMPS




A range of high current adjustable DC SMPS with a huge 750W output power. These fantastic PSUs offer a compact and low cost solution for a high power adjustable voltage source powered from the mains. Perfect for projects such as induction heating, Tesla Coils, or electrolysis which require large DC currents. The SMPS units have built in protection from overload and short circuit and can be powered from 185V-240V AC European mains voltages.

Voltage adjustment is performed via a multiturn potentiometer which is attached by a short cable to the unit. This allows for smooth adjustments to the output voltage and can easily be mounted in a control panel or custom enclosure.

They are available in a range of output voltage ranges as shown below. Please select the one you require from the menu above.

Model Voltage Range Max Current
S-750-12 0 – 12V 62A
S-750-24 0 – 24V 31A
S-750-36 0 – 36V 21A
S-750-48 0 – 48V 16A
S-750-60 0 – 60V 12.6A
S-750-110 0 – 110V 7A

Please note, the AC input of items is AC 185-250V and is not suitable for USA mains voltages. Please check our other PSUs for systems compatible with USA mains voltage.

Printed instructions are not provided. Please download the product manual / datasheet from the link below
Click here for the datasheet.

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