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Scalar Waves

Scalar Potentials and Scalar Waves

Due to the large amount of misinformation regarding the subject of scalar waves, we have included this section to help make people aware of the differences between accepted scalar scientific ideas and the pseudo-scientific theories.

In the previous sections we discussed the difference between scalar and vector quantities, and how this relates to electromagnetic waves. This section deals with the topic of ‘Scalar Waves’ and ‘Scalar Field Theory’ in an attempt to remove some of the mystery and confusion around these subjects. If you enter the search term “Scalar Waves" in to a popular search engine such as Google, you will find many pages discussing the topic of ‘Scalar Electromagnetic Waves’. This is very misleading as such waves are totally unproven in the accepted scientific community.

In mathematics and physics, a scalar field associates a scalar to every point in space. Scalar fields are often used in physics, for instance to indicate the temperature distribution throughout space, or the air pressure. Some waves, such as temperature waves or pressure waves can be considered as scalar waves. This is because Temperature and pressure are scalar quantities and have no direction associated with them. Any electromagnetic phenomenon, however will always have a directional (vector) component associated with it. This is because a magnetic field is always a dipole (north and south), and is actually caused by the motion of charged particles or an electric current.

The rest of this page contains information from a Wikipedia article about scalar electromagnetic waves. The theory is considered pseudoscience (nonsense) yet is widely promoted among researchers looking for ‘free energy’ or ‘over unity’. The article below contains many obvious flaws and blatant mathematical errors. To skip the rest of this section click a link below. You can also add your comments and suggestions ad the bottom of the page.

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Scalar wave theory is a controversial theory and is considered pseudo science by most qualified scientists. The articles from Wikipedia, below are aimed to help you understand the concept of scalar electromagnetic waves, but you should remain vigilant when reading about related topics as there are many people working hard to promote nonsense for profit. We are not trying to prove nor disprove scalar theory. We just wish to provide you with an independent unbiased source of information. If you can help improve this section then please contact us

v Info from Wikipedia v
Scalar field theory posits that there is a form of electromagnetic energy more basic than electric field and magnetic field. Proponents claims it to be a protoscientific theory and state that electromagnetism isn’t complete described by the standard electromagnetic theory. Skeptics refer to it as a pseudophysical theory and a pseudoscientific paradigm. Scalar electromagnetics (also known as scalar energy) is the background quantum mechanical fluctuations and associated zero-point energies (incontrast to “vector energies" which sums to zero).

Scalar waves are hypothetical waves, which differ from the conventional electromagnetic transverse waves by one oscillation level parallel to the direction of propagation, they thus have characteristics of longitudinal waves. Their existence however, as presupposed in numerous parascientific and pseudoscientific theories, has so far not been proven. Scalar waves are called also “electromagnetic longitudinal waves" or “Teslawellen".

The basic understanding of scalar field theory begins with several defintion of terms within the theory which are also used in academic physics, but assigning them other meanings. A “scalar field" is a set of assigned observable magnitudes at every point in n-dimensional space (compare this with the current academic definition; n is also 4 or greater). An “electric field" are composed of the spinning charged mass, in motion through a finite change in electrostatic scalar potential (compare this with the current academic definition). A “potential" is pure energy and is any ordering (static or dynamic) in the vacuum (eg., the position of the object relative to other objects). A “scalar potential" is the stationary ordering in the virtual particle flux of the vacuum (compare this with the current academic definition). A “vector potential" is any nonstationary ordering in the virtual particle flux of vacuum (compare this with the current academic definition). Scalar potentials and vector potentials are thus defined as being “contained" inside the energy domain.

Magnetic fields interaction
SFT is based on “non-symmetrical regauging" potentials, demonstrated by the interaction of two magnetic fields.

When the field lines oppose each other, the magnets are pulled together. When the fields are aligned in the same direction, the magnets push apart. When two magnets strongly oppose each other but are not permitted to move apart, the force between them is said to create a “scalar bubble" between the magnets. The greater the repulsive force, the larger this scalar bubble becomes. As the magnets move away and the pushing force decreases, the scalar bubble shrinks in size and strength.

In a similar manner, two magnets that are strongly attracted create a “scalar void" between them that grows larger the closer the two magnets become. Two magnets powerfully attracted to one another create a very large scalar void, that decreases as the attracting magnets are moved apart.

Despite the claims of its proponents, no repeatable experiments were able to show the existence of the scalar field. All observed effects were shown to comply to the standard physical laws of electrodynamics. As not only classical electromagnetics but also quantum electrodynamics are a field of physics, where the observations are in spectacular agreement with the theoretical predictions, currently the case for Scalar field theory looks bleak.

Field effects of scalar energy
Scalar field theory suggests that scalar energy can move through space much like an electromagnetic wave. However, the operating principles are different. The regular expansion and contraction of a scalar bubble/void is like rythmicly splashing water on a pond. It sends out ripples through the general scalar field that can subtly affect the size and strength of distant scalar bubbles/voids.

This means that a pair of magnets that are rthymicly opposing/attracting each other are sending out scalar ripples through space that will slightly perturb the scalar bubble/void between a second pair magnets nearby. The net effect is that the attraction and/or repulsion between the second pair of magnets exhibits a change in strength, even though the magnets and fields themselves are motionless.

According to skeptics, the following description given for an application to a communication system reportedly failed to give reproduceable results.

A basic scalar communications system
The scalar communications antenna does not make any sense according to normal electromagnetic theory. The goal of a scalar antenna is to create powerful repulsion/attraction between two magnetic fields, to create large scalar bubbles/voids. This is done by using an antenna with two opposing electromagnetic coils that effectively cancel out as much of each other’s magnetic field as possible. An ideal scalar antenna will emit no electromagnetic field (or as little as possible), since all power is being focused into the repulsion/attraction between the two opposing magnetic fields. Normal electromagnetic theory suggests that since such a device emits no measurable electromagnetic field, it is useless and will only heat up.

A scalar signal reception antenna similarly excludes normal electromagnetic waves and only measures changes in magnetic field attraction and repulsion. This will typically be a two-coil powered antenna that sets up a static opposing or attracting magnetic field between the coils, and the coils are counter-wound so that any normal RF signal will be picked up by both coils and effectively cancel itself out.

Other claims, theories, and suggestions
Tom Bearden (reportedly, a retired Lieutenant Colonel) suggests that scalar energy could be used as a directed-energy weapon. He says that if two scalar “energy beams" are created that collide with each other, the two scalar fields will nullify each other and create a burst of electromagnetic energy in its place, that can continue on forward in the direction the two scalar beams were heading. A point within the framework from Bearden rests on the allegation that during the reformulation of the James Clerk Maxwell’s orginal theory (of quaternions) by Oliver Heaviside and Josiah Gibbs into vector notation a key elements was lost in the original theory.

It has been suggested that scalar fields do not follow the same rules as electromagnetic waves, and can penetrate through materials that would normally slow or absorb electromagnetic waves. If true, a simple proving method is to design a scalar signal emitter and a scalar signal receiver, and encasing each inside separate shielded and grounded metal boxes, known as faraday cages. These boxes will absorb all normal electromagnetic energy, and will prevent any regular non-scalar signal transmissions from passing from one box to the other.

Some people have suggested that organic life may make use of scalar energies in ways that we do not yet understand. Therefore caution is recommended when experimenting with this fringe technology. However, keep in mind that if scalar fields do exist, we are likely already deeply immersed in an unseen field of scalar noise all the time, generated anywhere two magnetic fields oppose or attract. Common scalar field noise sources include AC electric cords and powerlines carrying high current, and electric motors which operate on the principle of powerful spinning regions of repulsion and attraction.
^ Info from Wikipedia ^

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  1. This article says there’s no proof of scalar elecromagnetic waves. I believe the proof is all around us. I have an unconventional theory I call "Paired, Inverted Worlds Cosmology." Basically, our moon transmits scalar electromagnetic waves through the flat earth (yes, our earth is flat) which power a sun on the opposite side. That sun radiates and energizes its moon. That moon, in turn, transmits scalar electromagnetic waves back through the flat earth to power our sun. Each sun-moon pair is connected through the flat earth as if by an invisible leash. The earth acts as a resonator. Please check out the "Paired, Inverted Worlds" Facebook page for more information. Thank you.

  2. Very interesting and sane site. Meyl`s work is the most interesting I`ve run into but his conclusions are rather wild and over-blown. Interesting work, though

  3. The same way it acts as a watch, or a processor, Quartz acts as a regulator for electricity, it bends or changes shape slightly when a current is applied to it. IC’s and other circuits allow for higher clock speeds or frequencies. Newer technology is based on similar principals which have been long reduced in size and changed in material, but the base concept is still true.

  4. How does Quartz generate Scalar Potentials ?

  5. Dear WaterBrainz,
    I like a lot your analisis about TC non-obvious things..
    I did replicate Meyl experiment, with professional lab instruments (vector network analyzer, professional Faraday Cage). My conclusions are:
    1) there is a nearly-pure longitudinal TM mode in the GND wire (at resonance)
    2) I can’t conclude that there is scalar wave trasmission (using just sinusoidal signal, as Meyl does).. maybe, maybe not.
    I guess Tesla did achieve much much more than that.

  6. This entire site is probably the most informative and and broad range scientific site I’ve found. But more importantly, it’s moderator “RMCybernetics” is not only profoundly brilliant and extremely generous with his time and knowledge (and remarkably patient with some of the clueless comments and questions), but he welcomes and looks forward to new ideas, is open minded, accepts criticism and admits when he is wrong. I think you jerks that lambaste him must mistake him for someone like yourself (a clueless know it all). GET A GRIP and GROW UP…. try to put up a site that is even 5% as good as this one … I guarantee you’ll fall on your face.

  7. Hi,
    there is something very similar to Meyls Scalar Waves, but Prof. Meyls’ solution as proposed by him does in fact not stand a thourough scientific examination. However he himself made clear that his proposals are more sort of a starting point in that field of research.

    I personally met Meyl and tested the Scalar Wave experimenters Set he is selling, there are too many obvious flaws.

    To replicate any scalar/pressure Wave effects of Tesla Transformers they need to be in a unidirectional pulsed setup. So for starters only DC Coils have the potential of showing off some interesting effects.
    In addition the pulse forming setup is critical. Here that would be the sparc gap. Without control over pulse duration and rise/fall times no proper research is possible.

    But obviously the most critical variables are from space and time geometry. The geometric properties of the coils (todays antennas, cabling and processing are Hertz-Wave-optimized and suppress scalar pressure waves), the place where you put the coil (especially the ground connector), and the time of the experiment.
    You not only need resonance of frequency but also of mass and form and other non-obvious things.

    And after awhile – maybe – you realise that the most optimized multi-purpose scalar Wave machine is you. The already misfigured but still functional design of the human flesh and bone.

  8. It is good to exchange different ideas what you think here.

  9. There is no verifiable proof there. If anyone is looking for examples of irony, chuck smith just provided it well.
    If you choose to believe it chuck, that is up to you, but it does not make it true. Shooting your mouth off instead of providing a structured argument is not the way to go about proving anything.

  10. RMCybernetics, It is very obvious that you cannot read. The comment just above yours gave you a place to go and find proof (meyl)of the scalar wave. Instead of researching the provided information you just like to shoot off your mouth. So sad, this kind of mentality is the same that the world used as the Jews were being massacred during wwII. Be careful because you may be on the receiving end while the world stupidly looks the other way.

    Yes, there are scams everywhere but it is not hard to find the truth if you put a little effort into research and thought. But most of the stupid world just wants to shoot off their mouth like you.

  11. I agree that the standard model is incomplete or needs to be changed. Any legitimate scientist would.
    The whole thing probably needs reworking from the ground up. That is why we have pages like this as they encourage alternative thinking and discussion (or ranting in your case).
    Your analogy using air is a poor one since there are many ways to prove the existence of air.
    If you are accepting some kind of ‘science’ as true even without evidence then this is no different to religion or faith. Here is a quote from Carl Sagan’s Book The Demon Haunted World….

    “what’s the difference between an invisible, incorporeal, floating dragon who spits heatless fire and no dragon at all? If there’s no way to disprove my contention, no conceivable experiment that would count against it, what does it mean to say that my dragon exists? Your inability to invalidate my hypothesis is not at all the same thing as proving it true.”

    It is not about being entitled to ones opinion. It is about providing evidence for your claims. The evidence must hold up against critical peer review.

  12. Scalar waves and scalar energy exist (period). Believe it or don’t … it’s your personal choice. The world is

    full of skeptics who don’t believe what they can’t see or feel … so the “air” we breathe can’t possibly exist,


    For 60 to 100 years, most scientists and electrical engineers have been taught incorrectly, and undergraduates

    are still being taught incomplete science … all of which has resulted in a lack of mindset, knowledge and

    skills to understand, explain, and engineer so-called ‘wierd’ things such as “scalar wave phenomena” and “scalar


    I agree with the recent comment on this site relating to “John Michael Mellon” of “The Healing Universe” at


    In mypersonal view, he has tapped into the truth through extensive research and intuitive analysis. You see, the

    truth is often well hidden from view and it takes effort, determination and integrity to find it and see it for

    what it is … within the vast myriad of misinformation and false claims. You need to be tuned in to discern

    falsehood from truth, especially on the internet.

    John Mellon has done this, quite marvellously.

    So don’t believe in Scalar Waves or Scalar Energy is you wish, that is your perogative. Those who do believe

    acknowledge that this is your choice and there is nothing wrong with that. But it is also your loss because you

    clearly know no better and have no capacity or drive to go out and seek the truth. And regrettably, you are not


    The facts be known … virtually all facets of modern science have fundamental flaws, in quantum physics,

    biophysics, particle physics, electromagnetic theory, general relativity and cosmology. Also, modern science

    confines itself strictly to only interactions between matter and energy … AND … in spite of substantial

    TRUTH, theory and relevant experimental proof to the contrary — avoids ALL consideration of the role that

    consciousness and so-called ‘hidden’ energy actually play in affecting our reality through interactions with

    energy and hence matter. You see, vested interests exist in the scientific establishment (and the organisations

    that fund scientificresearch) who don’t want the TRUTH to get out. Point made!

    Scalar Waves and Scalar Energy DO exist and are a fundamental aspect (if not the lifeblood) of the Universe we

    live in. If science knew this, we would have had a Unified Science or a Unified Field Theory in Physics many many

    decades ago.

    Want PROOF – Google “Professor Konstantin MEYL” – a German physicist who, in 2003, proved that Scalar Waves do

    exist and has the science and experimental proof to back it his physics and engineering. Or visit the Science

    Quest pages on http://LifeforceGenie.com

    A huge “hoodwink” has been perpetrated on western scientists and engineers (to keep us all in the dark). This

    took place in the late nineteenth century when Maxewll’s original electromagnetic theory was first inadvertantly

    “doctored” by two British physicists, and then “dismembered” by a third quite famous physicist – working under

    the direction of a major US financial interest. The result is that Maxwell’s original science and the later work

    of Nikola Tesla were removed from the purview of western scientists and electrical engineers. We thus lost the

    capacity to unify physics, and were unable to develop technology, for example, to harness clean energy from

    “SpaceTime” or to engineer Superluminal (faster than the speed of light) Propulsion, among many other things.
    Scalar Energy Physics, which is fundamental to technologies such as this, is now only starting to emerge in some

    areas of our western science. Knowledge of these things has of course existed for many decades elsewhere on the

    planet … but this is neither the time nor place to discuss such things. All you need is an open mind and some

    effort and you will ultimately uncover and understand the truth.

    So there you have it … Take it or leave it!

    One day soon, possibly in your current lifetime, a Scalar Energy Device may actually heal you and help expand

    your consciousness to the mindblowing opporunities that today you simply can’t comprehend.

    Kind Regards

    Dr SciXplore
    BSc (First Class Honours) and PhD Physics
    Aerospace Engineering & Digital Communications
    Retired with 35 years of professional experience

  13. I would like to highly recommend a video by physicist John Michael Mallon that beautifully explains scalar energy and scalar waves in connection with healing.


    This video answered so many questions for me and gave me new eyes to see the world.

  14. As to scalar waves, you should check out the following that seems to prove their existence:

    1. The pdf document “Scalar Waves: Theory and Experiments” with an article from “Journal of Scientific Exploration”

    2. The “The Scalar Waves Transmitter V1.0” by JLN Labs:

  15. Type your message here


  16. Modern technology, tesla technology RADAR, Computers, Green Technology, various healing and feedback devices. Are dangrous. They don`t comply to basic BSI, EMC law..
    (Main stream science just says the universe creates more power than these deivces, yes it might, if it was measured though conventional meters.)
    I am told the various industries like air con systems. Know full well the systems are over powered. Poor understanding by the people installing has left us being exposed to huge levels of radiation. The industires take no part in making sure tesla or scalar technology complise to standards.
    They even sell the product with a faulty
    lableing saying it comlplies to EU/EMC regs.

    The system are massivey over powered.
    The systems are misold as low level radiation.. When its called a particle accelorator it works in combination with radioactive metals to either speed up or slow down the radiation. Both the particle and the metal create ionizing radition. Something the NRPB (HPA) wish to not know about.
    Industry be that aircraft, wind turbines is selling technology under false protences. Its the company who buy them, and the companies they employ to install them who re then resonsible.
    The manufacture has the excuss that the product is too large to test in-house:
    The staff instilling them don`t know there is a change in polarity. To conventional power systems threby taking the energy off scale into non-hertzian power…
    These devices are linked to biofeed back and mind control devices.. We have all been sucked in.

    After all its a weapon:


  18. Indeed, a scalar is not a vector, and therefore a “scalar” electromagnetic wave is nonsense. But the science of electrodynamics can be generalised such that it allows for an extra scalar field and scalar field effects, see


    It is simply defined as S = – k dV/dt – div(A),
    where k is a constant, V is electric potential and A is the magnetic potential, div(A) is the divergence of the magnetic potential, and dV/dt is the time differential of the electric potential.

    I was able to describe longitudinal electro-scalar waves (which a vector AND a scalar wave at the same time). Nikola Tesla and several others claimed to have generated and measured longitudinal electric waves. I described this mathematically.

    I discovered that there is a new type of electric power conversion associated with static charge and this type of scalar field. I also discovered the field theory of the longitudinal Ampere force, in terms of the scalar field defined by me.

    My theory is not pseudo science, it is testable, and describes unusual effects that have been shown during independent experiments by several scientists.

  19. tanner921,
    A superconductor is not a diamagnet. If you have a magnet levitating over a superconductor it looks like diamagnetism. If you then turn the apparatus upside down, the magnets juxtaposition will remain the same (i.e. it will be suspended under the superconductor in the same position)

    The virtual particles don’t offer much interaction with matter in any measurable way. At the event horizon of a black hole it is possible for one of the virtual particles from a pair to be sucked in while the other remains stranded outside the black hole where it is free to interact with normal matter. Radiation given off in this process in known as Hawking Radiation.

  20. if virtual particles pop out of a field to pass on forces (energy) from one real particle to another real particle, how many do you get to the meter? Do you get a different sort of virtual particle to exchange forces between the virtual particles? Do virtual particles have their own virtual fields of virtual particles? Scalar spherical oscilations within a single elastic medium (aether) has to be more sensible than virtual particles popping into existance from somewhere else(unknown dimensions)!See WSM..

  21. About the induce magneto-gravitic field, here is an experiment done by the ESA.


    According to them the phenomenon is predicted by general relativity but is negligible.

  22. I doubt the superconductor ring/weight change has anything to do with gravity. superconductors are perfect diamagnets, and generate an opposing magnetic field to the induced field, thus repelling the magnetic field/object inducing the field. when a diamagnetic metal (i imagine all metals have diamagnetic properties-some more than others) enters a magnetic field, there is a repelling force on the diamagnet, and magnet. imagine all materials-metallic or nonmetallic- induce a magnetic field (because all atoms have moving electrons, so according to faraday’s law, there is a magnetic field induced by the electron’s movement). so if all materials have a magnetic field,-though they may be very very weak- perhaps there is a dielectric ‘reaction’ between the superconductor and material, which is perhaps amplified by the spinning of the superconductor. I assume the spinning amplifies the reaction because when inducing a magnetic field, in order for the field to continue inducing a current, the field (apparently) must change. take the first DC generator for example: it used a dielectric disk, moving through a magnetic field, which induced a current 90* to the field-but the disk has to keep on moving for the current to be induced. also look at transformers- same thing, the current has to switch direction in order…
    SO i wonder if podkletnov has experimented with various metallic and nonmetallic materials!

  23. I wish my name was Dr Holland, then I could be smart and know what I’m talking about. hey did you guys know that the moon doesnt exist? trust me, it really doesnt exist, I read it on the internet. they said they have proof of it, and I am gullible and stupid enough to believe it…

    …scalar waves have NOTHING to do with the ocean or the waves in the ocean!! what do you mean by the scalar waves are felt on the land? if it’s a tsunami ‘scalar wave,’ and it’s felt on the land… it’s not a tsunami!! and also if it’s felt on land, it’s PROBABLY a seismic wave, and those aren’t scalar! they’re either transverse or longitudinal!
    I’m not biased against podkletnov’s claims, but unless there is hard proof, proving that it’s true, ya just cant really believe it, especially when it’s such a far fetched idea.
    DON’T believe everything you read/hear from friends and on the net without using logic, people!

  24. Just an update.

    I spotted an article describing a similar sounding antigravity experiment. It uses a superconducting ring, but it as been described as almost the opposite to Podkletnov’s experiment. See the video interview on google here.

  25. Scalar EM is not a new idea. I’m well aware of his work and the fact that he and his collegues retracted many of the claims after they were exposed to public scrutiny. I know of no verifiable evidence of this experment.

    You said “…he is able to generate powerful scalar waves…, which have punched holes in the sides of building 3 miles away!”
    How is this a scalar wave, if it makes a hole? By their definition, a scalar wave has the same value at all points in space.

    I can’t say scalar waves don’t exist, simply because I can’t prove a negative (you can’t always prove something does not exist), but I don’t know of any evidence for scalar electromagnetic waves that can be or has been verified by the wider scientific community.

    I’m open to any new ideas and theory, but without some kind of evidence, I will not state them as a fact. I don’t believe in supressing information, and that is why this page is here, but I must write it in a way that allows people to make their own judgement.

    If you have evidence to the contrary then feel free to post it here. If you have written a document that you would like people to look at you could email it to us and we could put it in the Other Theory section of the site.

  26. Clearly you are not aware of the ground breaking work of Podkletnov with scalar gravity waves. Google ‘Podkletnov’ and you may find some of his work. There is an audio interview with him on the net (Americanantigravity.com). Using spinning superconducting disks and high voltage spark generators (Marx Generator), he is able to generate powerful scalar waves, he calls gravity waves, which have punched holes in the sides of building 3 miles away! The power of the wave does NOT diminsh with distance from the source…. thus, it is a true scalar wave!
    Catch up on what’s happening folks!
    Scalar Waves exist!
    In nature: scalar waves travel beneath the ocean’s surface and eventually become Tsunami’s which cause vast destruction when the wave arrives at a land mass. A small boat sitting atop a passing Tsunami (let’s say some thousand miles from shore) will not even notice the wave passing… there is not up/down (vertical) or ‘herzian’ movement, but believe me, when that ocean scalar wave arrrives on land…. they DO GET NOTICED!
    You must be at the arrival point to be able to observe a scalar wave. It’s travel time in EM is essentially instantaneous.

  27. what is wave theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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