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Magnetic Force

Magnetic Force

A magnetic force is created between matter due to the way in which the charge is moving within the objects relative to each other. Unlike the electric field, a magnetic field only exists as a dipole. This is because the magnetic field arises from the motion of a charged object and not from the object directly. It is also possible for a changing magnetic field to induce an electric current, or give rise to an electric field (and vise versa), and this is why we use the term electromagnetism.

Magnetic Field DipoleMagnetic Field Vector
The close connection between magnetic and electric fields is a fundamental law of physics. It enables us to predict the interaction of energy and materials, so that we can build devices to utilize the effects for our needs. The link was first discovered by Hans Christian Orsted in 1820, when he noticed the needle of his compass deflect when coincidently placed near a current carrying wire.

The information above is based on the ‘classical’ laws of physics which describes electrons and protons as having a -ve or +ve charge. There are many other forces that determine the behavior of matter such as “strong force” and “weak force”. These refer to the forces between sub atomic particles, such as the attractive force binding the protons in a nucleus.

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  1. Yes, but all crrent propulsion systems require a propelant. i.e. ou throw mass in ne direcion and you will move in the opposite direction. see the Magnetohydrodynamic Thruster page.

  2. Is it possible to use magnetic field for propulsion? Since Magnetism is stronger than gravity.

  3. Theory goood spelling bad.

  4. Thanks for your comments, I’m glad you like it.
    I hope to put these subjects across in a way that everyone can relate to and understand. Hopefully this site shows how science can be more interesting than school text books might have you believe.

    I think the problem a lot of people have with learning science is that the maths is taught along side the practical applications and is sometimes put before them. This is just boring to many students, but if they can understand the concepts before the formulae then they often find the maths easier to absorb as it relates much more to reality rather than just numbers and symbols.

  5. Hello. I am a PhD candidate in theoretical physics at one of the top research universities in the US. I disagree with the comment on the first page. I think that your pages are excellent. Your explanation of the material is simply and direct. Students need to have a simply direct understanding of the material before we introduce them to the math involved….This basic understanding of concept will help guide them through the material more effectively.

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