Polypropylene Capacitor 1200VDC 0.27uF


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This MKPH Capacitor is rated for 1200VDC  0.27uF, used for induction cookers or other high voltage resonance circuits. It is made of temperature-resistant metallized polypropylene film, both sides have a thickened metallized electrode with non-inductive construction. Offering good uniformity, high stability, it can be used in high frequency circuit of induction cooker and other induction heating equipment. This capacitor is also ideal for making snubbers for pulsed inductive circuits or for our Power Pulse Modulators when combined in series with a Power Resistor. Also great for building MMC capacitors in projects such as Tesla Coils or Induction heaters.

Reference standard


Climatic category


Rated voltage


Capacitance range


Capacitance tolerance


Voltage proof

between terminals

2*UR(VDC)/ 10s

between terminals and case

2*UR+1000(VAC)/ 60s(≥2000VAC)

Insulation resistance (20)

between terminals

30000S (100Vdc,60s)

between terminals and case

≥30000MΩ (100Vdc,60s)

Tangent of loss angle(20)

≤0.0007 (10KHz )

Pulse rise time(dv/dt)

500V/μs Max


L: 35.0mm
P: 30.5mm
H: 24.0mm
D: 1.0mm
B: 13.0mm



Additional information

Weight0.06000000 kg
Dimensions3.60000000 × 1.95000000 × 3.20000000 mm


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