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Alsager Mere

Alsager Mere

Alsager Mere is a lake located in the center of Alsager. It is almost totally surrounded by houses which have gardens connecting with the waters edge. This has made it quite isolated and therefore little is known about it. This section details the research and results from surveys and historical information. Alsager Computers helped with this research as they were originally situated beside the lake. You can visit them for more information or to see artifacts recovered from the lake.

Alsager Computers

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Mere Rainbow ThumbnailA history of Alsager Mere including many old photographs of the area.

Depth Maps

3D Depth MapFind out where the deepest part of Alsager Mere is. It’s not where you might expect.


Bullet ThumbnailDiscover the artifacts hidden beneath the surface of Alsager Mere.


Ducks ThumbnailSee some of the wildlife supported by Alsager Mere.

Under Water

Underwater ThumbnailImages and video footage from below the surface of Alsager Mere

More info

Alsager Mere NewsThe latest news and information not covered in the other pages.

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Other information is available at Alsager.com

Panoramic Alsager Mere