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Far Cry

Far Cry

Farcry HidingFarcry HanggliderFar Cry is a game series that is capable of producing great graphics. A new engine created for this game allows for the creation of dense vegetation and realistic physics. This game comes with the level editor and therefore it is easy to create new worlds. Here you can download a level for the first Far Cry game. This game was very popular ad has since spawend sequels and spinoffs such as Far Cry 2, Crysis, and Crysis 2.

This level consists of one main island surrounded by a few smaller ones. The central island has an active volcano and many different routes and interesting areas. There isn’t really much of a mission to play, but there are plenty of patrolling bad guys and vehicles to play with. If you can find your way to the top of the volcano there is a hang glider so you can fly around the whole island.

Installation Instructions
To install this map, extract the two files from Volcano Island.zip to your Far Cry map directory. Load the game and press [~] (usually below the escape key). This brings down the console so you can type commands. To play the level type \map bob2 and press enter.

Far Cry Cheat Codes

At any time in the game, press the [~] key to access the console. Type in any of the commands listed below and then press enter.

Function Command
God Mode
All Weapons
Load map

Debug mode
Dumb enemies
Quick save game
Load quick save

Farcry Long View

Click Here to Download This Map

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  1. This was one of the most awsome game’s alive i dont play games alot and this kep me glued to it

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