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Other Theory

Other Theory

The science we learn at schools or universities is based upon a ‘standard model’. This is a set of rules that are the most widely accepted by the scientific community. As new theory’s develop it is often the case that rivalry develops between the scientists working in similar fields. This is because there is rarely absolute proof for a theory, therefore the research done by the scientists is often based upon their own beliefs and theories of how things will interact in the lab. This section contains a range of theories and information that doesn’t quite fit the ‘standard model’

The content of these pages may be subject to controversy and would probably not be compatible with the standard model of physics. These pages are for your reference only. They do not necceceraly represent the views of anyone at RMCybernetics.

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An Alternative Theory Of Everything – By Raoul Selsick

An Alternative Theory Of Everything – By Daniel P Fitzpatrick

A Possible Sub-Structure for the Neutrino – By Richard D. Fuerle

Photon Violation Spectroscopy – By Eric Reiter

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