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Understanding 1 Dimensional Space

Understanding 1 Dimensional Space

2D animation of 1D perceptionSupersymmetry involves the concept of multidimensional space. In order to understand dimensional spaces higher than three, let’s start with the simplest 1D case, that of a 1D observer – a line. You might think, well that’s quite easy. In fact it is quite easy, but if you really understand it, you might use your knowledge to understand higher dimensions. The animation below shows the observer as a grey line, who is trying to perceive a reality (a 2D circle in this case) in his 1D limited mind. The animated blue line is what he perceives. Note that the reality, the circle, is not changing in time, its radius, colour and all other properties are a part of the reality. The observed thing is very different from this, it is a blue line varying in length WITH TIME. For the observer, it remains a mystery as to what happened to the original full length of line, why and how it changes length and ‘pops in and out’ of his ‘observed reality’.

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  1. No, you have to look at this in a totally different way. It can be very hard to visualise because you are used to thinking in 3D + time.

  2. But doesn’t a line imply height? In the first dimension, how could anything exist? For to have a physical existence, there must be some height, right?

  3. Type your message here
    how many dimensions are there in the universe where can i get these all dimensions?

  4. Possibly reversal of time before the big crunch(ie 0-1-0) the zeros being the big bang and big crunch, the 1 being the crossover point(red dwarf??)

  5. Hmm, I don’t know them all. The number of dimensions comes from all the needed proporties to fully describe something like an electron. For example; Position (3 spatial dimensions), time, velocity, spin (electrons can have the proporty of spin, it is not about it litterally spinning).

    If anyone else knows, please post them.

  6. Can you name the thirteen dimensions for me in one space?? Doing a search, so many articles reference them but do not name them. thanks

  7. so the entier universe is a n dimentional sphere (or whatever) and everything from the big bang onards is just our view of the phere going thrugh the mirror? and n-dimensional lifeforms just wouldent even be aware of the situation.

    1. if this is soo (and im sure i got it wrong) that assumes there will be a big crunch dosent it?

    2. this mirror were looking at it through. whare did it come from? why is it there? why is this object moving though it? my brain hurts

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