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Programming Projects

Programming Projects.

Here you can find useful libraries and Arduino type projects for our programmable controllers such as the PWM-4808. If you write your own code, and would like to share it, please let us know. All our new code will be uploaded to our GitHub Page, so please check there for the latest updates.

PWM-4808 Code

Solid State Tesla Coil code for SSRC-OCRi (COMING SOON)

Induction Heater code for CRO-2 (COMING SOON)

General Ardunio Libraries

I2C GLCD – Essential library for controlling the LCD on the PDI-1.

NanoPWMac – An easy to use adjustable frequency PWM.


PDI-1 Example Code (Obsolete)

PDI-1 Pulse Generator – Adjustable Pulse Generator 1Hz to 2MHz with LCD menu control.

PDI-1 Moving Bitmap – Example showing how to animate a Bitmap and move it on the screen.

PDI-1 Sine Wave Display – Example showing how to draw a sine wave and adjust the amplitude using the encoder.

PDI-1 Simple Robot – Simple obstacle avoiding robot using two analogue IR range sensors.

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