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Return to Castle Wolfenstein

RTCW View from TreeThis game uses a modified version of the Quake III engine. It has been modified to create a WWII based game which allows players to work as a team. This level combines the open air sniper fun, with the dark, scary cave fun. This is a multiplayer level only, so you will need to play on a LAN or over the net, unless you just want to wander around on your own.





Installation Instructions
RTCW Leaving CaveTo install this map, put the file, mp_jungle.pk3 in your RTCW main folder. After loading the game, press the [~] key to access the console. Type map mp_jungle and press enter. If you have cheat mode enabled then load the map with the command devmap mp_jungle to allow the cheats to be used.


RTCW Cheat Codes

To enable the cheat codes you must first modify or create a shortcut to your WolfMP.exe. Right click on the shortcut and select ‘Properties’. In the ‘Target’ box add set sv_cheats 1 after the inverted commas, as shown below.RTCW Cheats


At any time in the game, press the [~] key to access the console. Type in any of the commands listed below and then press enter.

Function Command
Invincibility /god
Enemies don’t attack you /notarget
lets you walk through walls /noclip
All weapons and ammo /give all
Get the current map name /mapname
Jump to <mapname> /devmap <mapname>

RTCW Seen Objective

Click Here to Download This Map

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  1. Its possible that thee are people using auto aimers, but most servers have protection against it.
    This games been around for a while now so if you are new to it it’s likley you’re up against experienced players. A few shots in the head will kill quickly, but it can take a lot of shots to kill by shooting anywhere else, especially if you are shooting at a medic.

  2. he,multiplayers return to wolfenstein problem please help:

    i’m always killed i shoot and shoot enemey he did not be killed but he kill me carfuly why?

    i think they have auto-aim or auto-crosshair,it is exact? and thank email me to bilade1963@yahoo.fr

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