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Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto Alsager

Many years ago when GTA was new and computers were slow, a project was undertaken to modify the levels so that they represented Alsager. This modified version was named Grand Theft Alsager. Replicating the layout of the town proved difficult because the GTA engine did not allow for diagonal roads. If you know the town of Alsager you may recognise some areas, but some others are just made up.

Alsager Computers Logo

This game is not available for download

Bank Corner Here is Bank Corner. You can see the security camera, the bus shelter and Kwik Save in the background.
Flames etc MAC’s, Flames and The Mere are shown here. MAC’s has moved since this was made.
Train Station This is Alsager train station. The building nearest has been knocked down now and replaced with a car park. There are also overhead wires installed.
Mini Map

This map shows the whole level. A good proportion of the town was made.

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