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Recent research into AI is wielding some fascinating discoveries. Researchers have found that adding noise (random signals) to simulated neural networks can produce ‘creativity’ in a machine. Stephen Thaler, CEO of Imagination Engines, Inc. has patented a program he calls a ‘Creativity Machine’. This program uses noise to disrupt signals in a rigid, rule based neural network, causing the creation of new data. Thaler fed his software lots of data about different toothbrush designs and performance levels, which resulted in a brand new toothbrush design, now known as the Oral-B Cross Action toothbrush. This is one of the first consumer products that has been invented by a machine!

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  1. Hi,
    I have been playing with vrml and X3d now for about 10 years.
    Some of my projects have been for work at the national lab I work for (sorry can’t let you see those) but I have some others I will let you see in a bit.
    My question for you guys is what browser extensions do you use? I have found that there are none that will do everything and few hat do all of the things i want to do.
    I use cortona for vrml 95 and vrml 1. For X3d and use with javascript for ajax3d I find that only flux3d is able to handle it without crashing.
    ajax3d allows better access to databases and inputs from things like data sampling (for do 3d animation of a sampled process or plant status in real time.)
    For 3d input in my worlds I have experimented with using a P5 glove as well and a 6 degrees of freedom ball mouse.

  2. What robot arm?

  3. Excuse me, I would like to know what company made the small robot arm.

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