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Strobing Light Effects

Strobing Light Effects

Strobe EffectOur Power Pulse Modulators are great for creating strobing lighting effects. Here you can see an example video showing a spinning fan and two different strobing LED’s.

Three separate Power pulse modulators were used here. One to control the speed of the fan, and another one for each of the different coloured LED’s.

Any of the models listed at the top of the page can be used for this.

The fan is just a two bladed propeller mounted on a motor. It is set spinning at a good speed so that it just appears as a blur under normal lighting conditions.

The pulse modulator driving the LED’s were set to around 50 Hz and the the duty is turned up just a little. By adjusting the frequency of each colour, you can make it appear as if there are two or more separate propellers rotating indifferent directions. Check out the video below.

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