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Power Pulse ModulatorPower Pulse Modulators

Power Pulse Modulator model comparison
Here you can see a comparison of the various circuits to help you to choose which one would best suit your application

Power supply considerations
These circuits are capable of delivering large and fast current pulses. It is important that your power supply is capable of supporting this or you risk damaging both the PSU and the PWM.

Driving inductive loads
This guide shows how to safely drive inductive loads such as transformers, spark coils and other electromagnetic devices.

Adding a remote duty control and indicator
For operating your Power Pulse Modulator remotely

Strobing LED Effects
Power Pulse Modulators can be use to create strobing effects with LEDs. This article shows you an example of how strobing lights can create optical illusions on spinning fan.

Making a Jacobs Ladder
A Jacobs ladder is a simple high voltage device that create s rising arc effect between two metal rods.

Product Troubleshooting
If you have accidentally damaged your device, this guide will help you to identify and repair the fault.


Tutorials for Discontinued Models

Adding a soft start or soft stop to the PWM output
Great for large motors, this simple modification allows you to alter the way the PWM output starts and stop so that a motor can be made to start or stop gradually when powered on.

Generating a Bipolar output by using a pair of PWM circuits
Using a pair of Power Pulse Modulators you can drive a center tapped load or transformer to producs an AC output.

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