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Power Pulse ModulatorPower Pulse Modulators

Power Supply Considerations

Delivering large fast current pulses requires a low impedance and reliable PSU. Even the inductance of the cables between your PSU and PWM unit can have a noticable impact on performance.

If you are wanting to use high currents and high frequencies, it is important to consider the demand that is placed on your PSU under these conditions.

Power capacitor fitted to PWMThe capacitor next to the connector block on the Power Pulse Modulators is a low ESR 330uF capacitor which helps to smooth out any power dips or oscilations from the PSU and connecting cables. However, the small size of this capacitor means that it has a limited capacity to overcome large power drops during a pulse.

If your PSU and connecting cables are not sufficient for the the demand being placed on it, this capacitor may heat up and become damaged.

To prevent heating of the onboard capacitor, you will need to add more capacitors as close as possible to the input terminals of the circuit. The more capacitance you add, the better the performance will be.

We suggest using one or more 1000uF Electroyitic Capacitors

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