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Understanding 1 dimensional space

By Engineer Saviour - Blaze Labs

Supersymmetry involves the concept of multidimensional space. In order to understand dimensional spaces higher than three, let's start with the simplest 1D case, that of a 1D observer - a line. You might think, well that's quite easy. In fact it is quite easy, but if you really understand it, you might use your knowledge to understand higher dimensions. The amination below shows the observer as a grey line, who is trying to percieve a reality (a 2D circle in this case) in his 1D limited mind. The animated blue line is what he perceives. Note that the reality, the circle, is not changing in time, its radius, colour and all other properties are a part of the reality. The observed thing is very different from this, it is a blue line varying in length WITH TIME. For the observer, it remains a mystery as to what happened to the original full length of line, why and how it changes length and 'pops in and out' of his 'observed reality'.

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