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Quake III Arena

The Quake 3 engine has been used for many games, as it has a versatile engine that can manipulated to create great virtual worlds.

StargatePyramid Map
This map is set in an ancient pyramid. The lighting was all done from flames and other natural sources (no background light). This gave the level an impressive feeling of atmosphere and really showed off the Q3A engines abilities. Unfortunately, due to a hard drive failiure, the only copy of the level is an old version rendered with no lightmap.





Download Pyramid Map

Installation Instructions
To install this map, put the file, aztec.pk3 in your Q3A baseq3 folder. To play the level set up a multiplayer game or a skirmish, and add some bots. The new map should be available with the other maps. If not, press the [~] key to access the console. Type /map aztec and press enter. If you have cheat mode enabled then load the map with the command /devmap aztec to allow the cheats to be used.

StargateLighteningCastle Map
The last three images are screen shots from this map. The lighting is working in this level, but there is no environment map and some of the detail is missing. This level allows you to see the lighting from the 'stargates' which is unfortunately missing from the other level.

Download Castle Map

Installation Instructions
To install this map, put the file, castle.pk3 in your Q3A baseq3 folder. To play the level, do the same as described for the previous map, except type /map castle at the console.


Quake 3 Cheat Codes

At any time in the game, press the [~] key to access the console. Type in any of the commands listed below and then press enter.

Function Command
Invincibility /god
All weapons (except grappling hook) and full ammo, health, and armor /give all
999 of all ammo /give ammo
Grappling hook /give grappling hook
Quad Damage /give quad damage
Battle Suit /give battle suit
Haste /give haste
Flight /give flight
Regeneration /give regeneration
Invisibility /give invisibility
Personal Teleporter /give personal teleporter
Medical Kit
/give medkit
Full Health /give health
Mega Health. /give mega health
Full Armor /give armor
Heavy Armor
/give heavy armor
No Clipping mode. Fly and go through walls
Third person view /cg_thirdperson 1

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