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RMCybernetics undertakes various research tasks. Our aim is to discover and share new information about the things that surround us every day. Choose a research topic, or go to the projects section to learn how to make some cool devices and experiments for your self.

Research Projects

Alsager Mere

Alsager Mere is a lake located in the center of Alsager. It is almost totally surrounded by houses which have gardens connecting with the waters edge. This has made it quite isolated and therefore little is known about it. This section details the research and results from surveys and to historical information.

Plasma & High Voltage

Resonance is one of natures fundamental tools. It connects everything in the universe, and it is essential for bringing order out of chaos. This section contains some fantastic photos of some experiments involving resonating high voltage systems.


MIRC was operated by command from a laptop which had been programmed using fuzzy algorithms to carry out basic object avoidance and wheel tracking. By using fuzzy algorithms rather than the more standard IF/THEN statements the MIRC has increased flexibility and potential for adaptation for a range of uses.