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Wildlife of Alsager Mere

Alsager Mere supports a wide variety of wildlife, most of which is present all year round. The images of fish are from residents of Alsager Mere as there is public no access for fishing.

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Monster Pike
A Large Pike (34.5lb)
Caught by James Morrow

Swan and Young Chicks
A Swan with its young

Swan and Young
A Swan with an older chick

Runner Ducks & Mallards
Runner Ducks & Runner Mallard cross breeds


Female Malard With Chicks
A female Mallard with young chicks
Photo by Grace

A Cheeky Robin
A cheeky robin snacks on an anglers bait
Photo by Grace

Coots in the Lilly Pads
A Pair of Coots.

Blury image of Great Crested Grebe with its young
A great crested Grebe with its young.

Tiny Fry Magified
This is one of the common small fry that cover the lake during June. This picture show the early stages of development. It was only 1cm in length at the time of the photo.

Microscopic view of surface algae (phytoplankton)

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