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Custom Electronics Design and Consultancy Services

At RMCybernetics we specialize in making bespoke electronic and cybernetic devices for use in research and media.

Circuit Design, PCB Layout & Assembly

From theoretical circuit to fully functional circuits. You can either get your design made or let us know your application and we can design the circuit for you.

If you just require a circuit diagram then email us your specs and we can get it designed. If you have a circuit diagram and would like it made into a PCB, then email it to us and we can begin the layout design. Please include any extra details such as the preferred dimensions, and any special cooling requirements.

Our most popular service is the full turnkey solution where we simply turn your specification into a real working circuit.

At RMCybernetics we have our own PCB Fabrication systems, Pick and Place Robotics, Reflow Soldering systems, CNC milling, and laser cutting machines.

If you require further details, please use the link below to discuss your application further.

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Device Prototypes

Do you have an idea or invention and need to get a working prototype produced? We can construct fully functional prototypes of your device, either from scratch, or by combining existing components to reduce the cost for those on a tighter budget.

We can design and build your product or idea from the start. We can build from your schematics or design the whole thing from your idea. From a prototype we can then get your item mass produced.

For prototypes needing mechanichal work, we can produce cutom enclosures, mechanisms and more using CNC and resin casting. If you have a 3D model allready then we can have it made into the real thing.

We can offer various contracts for producing your product. You can retain all rights to your idea, schematics and designs produced by us for you. Alternatively we can arrange royalties on an item if you intend to market it. If you only intend to make or use one or two of your devices then we can keep the copyrights to the schematics produced and therefore save you significant cost on your design

Confidentiality is assured. We treat all enquiries as confidential and we can produce contracts where needed.

We will guide you through the process and give you helpful advice on how to proceed. If you require further details, please use the link below to discuss your application further.

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Media Projects

We can create a range of devices for use in media production for TV or online content. If you need a hi-tec special effects prop that actually works, or just want to add some dramatic technical effects then we can help.

We have experience consulting with media companies to produce science documentries, and information for books and magazines.

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Science Research Consultants

If you are working on a PhD project, or other academic research which requires some sort of electronic device, then we can help.


RMCybernetics designs and builds custom sensor systems, data logging devices, magnetic controllers, interactive computer intefaces, and much more. Our staff have studied a wide range of sciences so we can work with you to produce the device you need.

Consultancy projects can involve us perfoming tests on samples or devices you send to us, or we can visit your location to help with your prroject.

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The images below show a few example projects we have undertaken

High voltage high speed flash
High speed flash unit.
24V PWM array.
Scyncronous sine pulse control custom circuit
Sine wave generator with synch control for PWM
custom pulse control device
Custom pulse control circuit.

Pulse Train Generator

An adjustable 1-8 channel power pulse train generator

Bipolar Pulse Position Modulator
A high power, bipolar, pulse width, pulse position modulator
Precision Coil
A precision wound power coil for magnetic experiments
1000A Pulse Generator
A 1kA pulse generator with PWM
DC Pass Filter
A DC pass power filter on proto board
Resonant Power Driver
A large self resonating energy harvester
PWM Bridge Controler
Versatile full bridge controller with analogue PWM and a micro-controller
Electrostatic Generator
An electrostatic device made for an artist for collecting dust on surfaces.
Copper Power PWM 
A high powered PWM with a large quiet copper heatsink.
Audio Modulatate PWM
An audio modulated ultrasonic Pulse Width Modulator
A compact and speedy autonomous robot developed to demonstrate the benefits of fuzzy algorithms
Silent PWM 
A simple PWM with silent cooling.
RF Amplifier 
A high gain RF amplifier used for astronomy.
Shutter glasses controler 
A simple controller for standard LCD shutter glasses with variable frequency and offset.
Voltage Filter 
A Low pass filter for use in a high voltage system.

Boxed PWM-OCB with relay output.

A Constant Current Buck Convertor for "HHO" Electrolysis.

H-bridge motor contol system with optical sensors.

Custom versions of our PWM-OCX v2 Units in laser cut enclosures.

Custom PWM contoller.
Custom wound "Rodin Coils" with dedicated control system.

Simple Desktop Tesla Coil.

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