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Theoretical Physics

Our understanding of the universe is changing all the time. There are many different theories on how the universe was made and how it is structured.

Ancient Greeks believed that there were only four elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Water). We now know of over one hundred elements although the Greek theory could still describe four states of matter (Solid, Gas, Plasma & Liquid respectively).

This section contains a range of theories and other information tailored to help give you a good understanding of physical principles. An important point to note is that most of this section covers theoretical physics and should not be taken as absolute fact.

Theoretical models have to be re thought on a regular basis as new and fascinating discoveries are made. It is our aim to provide both sides of every story so that we remain unbiased, allowing you to make your own judgment.

Theoretical Physics

Introduction to Electromagnetism

A brief introduction to the fundamental principles of electromagnetism.

More Electromagnetism

EM waves, Interference, Scalar waves, and the structure of matter.

Other Dimensions

What other dimensions? This section aims to help the reader to understand the concept other dimensions.

Zero Point Energy & Overunity

Explanation of ZPE, and claims of overunity devices or free energy.

A Theory of Everything

The widely accepted theory to explain the most fundamental nature of the universe

Other Theory

A Selection of 'Fringe Theories' regarding the funamental proporties of the universe.


Astrophysics & Space PhenomenonDiscover fascinating information about the amazing universe in which we live. See whats hapening in space right now.


Strange phenomenon that are yet to be fully explained can give us clues to find a better understanding of the universe.

Figures & Formulae

A selection of various equations, explanations, and useful figures to help give a better understanding of the universes many interactions.