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About RMCybernetics

RMCybernetics is a diverse company, based in Alsager, Cheshire. We specialize in new science and technology, and aim to help present these topics in an easily understandable way. The range of topics covered in the Science section are tailored to help give a better understanding of the universe, and the technology which can be created from it. We also undertake Research projects, with an aim to discover new information about the things surrounding us every day. This section also contains a collection of simple science projects that can be replicated at home to help to physically demonstrate some of the principles discussed. We hope that the information provided on this site will help to inspire those people, like us, who always have questions, and the will to seek the answers.

 QUESTIONS?: Please read the FAQ below before emailing us your enquiry

This site contains a collection of scientific information covering a wide range of topics. The information is combined with practical examples to show how it works in the real world. Many of the topics have a DIY section, showing you how to make devices which demonstrate the scientific principles being discussed. Most of the parts used for the DIY Devices can be found in our shop, along with many other exciting hi-tec products. If you have any comments or suggestions please send us an email.




Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to the US (or any other country)?
Yes, we ship worldwide.

Where are you located?
Alsager, Cheshire, England.

How much is shipping to my address? 
Shipping is calculated based on the weight, and destination of your order. If you add items to your basket you can go to the checkout page to get shippng estimates.

How much is my order in $USD (or other currencies)?
The shop can also display all prices in Euros or US Dollars by clicking the relevant icon in the upper right of the shop pages. Note that all our prices are set in £ GBP (Pounds Sterling) and that other currencies displayed may not be an exact conversion.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Stocked items should be recieved within 7 - 14 working days of dispatch for worldwide destinations. Please contact us for information about items placed on back order.

Can I track my order? / Has it been dispatched?
Please log in to the shop and check the order status there.
Processing = We recieved your order and are preparing it for shipping.
Complete  = It has been posted to you. If you paid for tracked shipping, you can find the tracking number by clicking your order number. If you did not pay for tracking, there is no way to further check the status of your order.

What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay online using PayPal, or using a Credit/Debit card.
If you live nearby you can also come to pay in our shop using cash or a credit/debit card.

Can I pay by telephone?
We do not currently accept telephone payments.

Can you build me a custom high voltage device?
We do not build custom high voltage devices except for very low power battery operated devices.

What is your FAX number?
We do not accept faxes, please scan and email your documents.

Can you tell me more about the DIY Project, or article on your site?
Please do not email us questions about the articles on the site. Each article has an "Add Comment" button below where you can post any questions about that page.

Do you have more information about your Power Pulse Modulators?
Please check the product guides or download the product manuals for full specifications.

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