Tubing & Pipe

Our range of pipes and tubes are great for use in your projects involving cooling and heating, or for piping fluids. The PVC tube is also often used for adding extra high voltage insulation to wires in Tesla type projects. The copper tube is ideal for powerful electromagnets or induction heater coils as it can carry a lot of current and also be water cooled.

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Clear Silicone Tubing 4mm
6mm outer diameter tube with 4mm inner diameter. Fits well with our 4mm Copper Pipe Priced p..
Silicone Tube 8mm ID
14mm outer diameter tube with 8mm inner diameter. Fits well with our cooling pumps, and radiators ..
4-8mm Pipe Adaptors
These converters can be used to easily integrate one of our CT-400 induction coils into a water cool..
4mm Copper Tubing
This pipe is strong and flexible which makes it easy for use in making coils for induction heaters o..
Large Test Tube
Large glass test tube 28mm x 200mm ..
Rubber Bung
Rubber bung for 21mm test tubes. 21 x 24.5 x 28mm ..
Small Test Tube
Small glass test tube 10mm x 100mm ..
Corundum tubes
High Quality! We have 3 different sizes of the corundum tubes, which can used for labor..
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